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Wondering who we are?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

We are a creative agency with a single mission: to bring emotion back into business.

We recognise that the digital age and pandemic has further immersed us into an era of machines and we want to utilise those same machines to bring back the human connection.

Ultimately, we want to break the barrier between digital and emotional. This will be reflected through our work which will challenge the norm and root marketing back to its emotional aspect whilst working with the digital era.

"Helping your business create meaningful connections with your target audience."

The Founders:

Both graduates in BA Marketing Management, Faheemah Fazal (Left) and Shubhneet Kaur (Right), worked together to develop Fazal Kaur after a conversation where they both found they shared the lack of enthusiasm for lackluster emotion in marketing.

Faheemah has experience in Consulting, HR, Admin, Student Housing and Marketing. Shubhneet Kaur has experience in Sales, Analytics, Design, Events and Start-ups.

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