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Formality is so last year.

We are sure you have noticed a more relaxed vibe from businesses and businesspeople over the last few years. This can be seen in the work environment, in companies marketing and businesses general tone.

The change from businesses can largely be attributed to the digital age. The ability to create an emotional connection directly with consumers has enabled brands to create an identity linked to a personality type. To create this human-like image, many brands have opted for a more relaxed approach to communication as opposed to the traditional Stone Cold Steve.

This change has only been heightened due to influencer marketing. Brands such as GymShark have been made successful using only this highly effective tool. ‘Influencers’ have become businesses and businesspeople in their own right.

Is formality having a makeover?

Lack of formality has even translated into the other side, employers to employees. Casual workplace attire, flat structure, and, even more, thanks to the pandemic, flexible working arrangements have become the norm.

The question becomes is formality moving forward even going to be a requirement. The answer is probably yes. Whilst the definition of ‘a professional’ and ‘formality’ may slowly be changing, the need to be professional remains. However, business to consumer, the lack of formality is likely to grow. Increased use of technology removes the human element of a business and brand, a lack of informality in some cases may be the only way to create a real connection with consumers.

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