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Campaigns that will touch your heart.

Our central approach at this agency is based around emotion. So we thought we'd share our top three emotional campaigns with you.

Top of the list is: Unsung Hero

You may have seen this commercial from Thai Life insurance go viral a while back. This ad tugged on the heartstrings of people around the world. We were no different. The success of their emotional storytelling telling lies in their ability to communicate their values and teach behaviour.

Next is: 'Like a Girl'

Always is one of the first campaigns referred to when mentioning emotional campaigns. Unfortunately, periods are a subject not discussed much in society. Always, quite brilliantly, developed a campaign to foster confidence in girls and women breaking down stereotypes which were often used in passing. Ultimately connecting with not just females but men with understanding.

Lastly: 'Dream Crazy'

Nike's 'campaign featured the quote: "Believe in something.Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it." Their way of handling political waters in such a moving way was commendable. The advert leaves not just an emotional, but a social impact too and they relayed their message well by choosing Kaepernick as lead.

There are many more emotional campaigns which have touched our hearts during our lifetime, these are just the few we find ourselves going back to and we hope you take time out to watch them too. They relay great messages combined with great marketing.

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