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Are you emoting?

Emotional marketing. It's something we B2B businesses avoid, that's not to say B2C have it down. The question is always what level of brand humanisation should be used? And that question many would say is far too difficult to answer.

But we are all up in our emotions. We would say, as much as you can possibly humanise your brand, is the right level. As a B2C business you may think that this step can be skipped but it really can't. Always remember you are dealing with humans all the time. That corporation is made up of people, and that start-up was started by a human.

A lot of the time we like to think we are logical and rational creatures. Truth is we are all influenced by our emotions, heavily.

Due to this pandemic, most interactions are taking place digitally. This makes it more important than ever to use your platforms to communicate your brands personality. Having your brand embody you is the easiest way to implement this. The reason influencers/bloggers can become so popular is their ability to connect with people emotionally. Don't make the mistake of missing this key element.

Need help with this? Get in touch and we'll help your business get in touch with its feelings.

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